Student Loan Forgiveness: Policy Concerns & Unintended Consequences

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Student loan forgiveness programs like Income-Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness are very popular with borrowers. These programs provide an excellent lifeline to borrowers in need. However, the unintended consequences of student loan forgiveness present major concerns from a policy standpoint. This article will focus on the concerns of …

Federal Student Loan Benefits: The Perks and Borrower Protections

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When evaluating student loan options, the interest rate is often the deciding factor. For many, the lower the rate, the better the loan. However, this simplistic method of evaluation ignores the many federal student loan benefits. In many cases, a federal loan –even one with a higher interest rate– is preferable …

Student Loan Refinancing for Government Employees

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Government employees considering student loan refinancing need to be especially careful. The allure of lower monthly payments and a better interest rate can be tempting. However, borrowers should understand that while there are circumstances where a refinance might make sense, a mistake refinancing can be financially catastrophic. A Private Lender …

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Student Loan Forgiveness for Private Sector and For-Profit Employees

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness gets all of the headlines. However, for-profit, private sector businesses employ most Americans. These businesses are not eligible for PSLF. Do private-sector employees have access to student loan forgiveness programs? How do they qualify? All federal student loan borrowers are eligible for student loan forgiveness, including …

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The College Affordability Act is a Game Changer, Especially for Parents

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This week the House Democrats introduced the College Affordability Act of 2019. The news may have gotten buried beneath the many other headlines out of Washington, but the significance of the College Affordability Act should not be overlooked. Even if the bill does not get through Congress, it is a …

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The Future of Public Service Loan Forgiveness

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) provides borrowers an opportunity to get unlimited amounts of federal student loans forgiven tax-free. The danger with pursuing PSLF is that it takes at least ten years, and borrowers could at risk of the program being canceled, rules changing, and rejection. Planning ahead requires asking …