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This is one of the clearest, most honest blogs I've come across. Kudos to you, Sherpa, for providing people an honest forum to communicate their student loan frustrations.Erin

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Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Getting student loans forgiven isn't easy, but there are over a dozen programs to choose from.

Finding the Best Refinance Rates

We track rates across all categories and loan types, ranging from 5-year variable rate loans to 20-year fixed rate loans.

Federal Repayment Plan Strategy

The large number of federal repayment plans can be scary, but picking the right plan doesn't have to be hard.

Student Loan Consolidation Lenders

Over 20 lenders offer student loan consolidation and refinancing. Some are better than others.

Accelerated Repayment Strategy

Get aggressive with student loan repayment to elminate student debt as soon as possible.

Buying a House with Student Loans

Student loans can make getting a home loan difficult, but it is still possible to qualify for a mortgage.

Marriage Planning with Student Debt

Marriage can mean higher student loan payments and difficulty qualifying for forgiveness.

Saving for Retirement with Student Loans

Having student debt doesn't mean it is impossible to set aside money for retirement.

The Student Debt Crisis

Struggling with student loans isn't limited to a few people who made poor college decisions or took out too much debt.  Even if it isn't talked about, student debt issues affect millions of Americans.  The good news is that you are not alone and there are resources out there to help.

The Tools to Defeat Your Student Debt

Refinance Reviews

More and more companies are offering consolidation and refinancing options.  Learn what is out there and who is the best.

Discussion Forums

Join the Student Loan Sherpa Community to ask questions, share your advice, and learn.

The Sherpa Blog

Get the latest news and developments in the world of student loans and learn the strategies to get your debt under control

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Student Loan Sherpa?

A blog

This site started as a simple blog, a student loan borrower's outlet to vent, and an attempt to help others others out.

A Community

Over the years the site grew into more.  Numerous readers and student loan borrowers contributed their time, energy, and talents.  These contributions include student loan interviews, guest writers, hundreds of article comments, and a discussion forum.

A Research tool

Dealing with student loans is already hard enough.  This site aims to provide all of the relevant information, and a few tips along the way, so that your student debt is as painless as possible.  More than anything, the goal of the site is to look at things from a big picture point of view.  Student loans are more than just interest rates, contracts, and complicated laws.

I want to echo other posters and say this is the best and most honest internet resource about Student Loans I have found.MVP

A Big Picture Approach to Dealing with Student Debt...

  • Federal Student Loans

    There are many tools to get your government loans under control...

  • The government won't lower your interest rates, but if you have good credit and a strong income, low rates are available with private refinancing.
  • The Government offers a number of different repayment plans based upon your income.

  • Private Student Loans

    Banks and lenders can be less forgiving than the government, but there tools to attack private debt...

  • Consumer Alerts

    The law offers limited protection for student loan borrowers, being alert is your best defense...

  • Student Debt and Your Life

    For many, student loans are much more than just a monthly bill, they have a huge impact...

  •  Student loans have a huge impact on your personal finances, especially if you want get a mortgage or buy a car.

Take a Stand

If you have been treated unfairly, you don't have to just accept it.  Learn about resources in place to help you resolve your issues.


File a Complaint with the CFPB

The Consumer Final Protection Bureau has a great reputation for borrower advocacy and will force your lender, whether it be a private loan or a federal loan, to respond to your complaints.


Navient/Sallie Mae Customer Advocate

Sallie Mae, and now Navient, isn't easy to deal with.  If things get sticky, they have a customer advocate who can help.


Department of Education Ombudsman

As a last resort for dealing with federal student loan servicer issues, you can file a complaint with the Department of Education.

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