Earn $100 to help pay your Student Loans

Michael Lux Blog, Student Loans

Getting an extra $100 probably won’t change your life, and it probably won’t be enough to pay off your student loans, but it could be enough to make things just a little bit easier.

It is with that in mind that we are proud to announce a scholarship for people who are Paying their student loans.  This isn’t for high school seniors who think $100 isn’t even worth the time to fill out the paperwork, this is for the people who realize that paying an extra $100 now on a 15 year loan at 13% interest is worth over $600 in the long run.

How does it work?

We will have either two $50 winners or one $100 winner.  $50 will go to the person who is the most deserving and $50 will go to the most helpful person.

The most deserving person

To apply for this scholarship, simply go to the Student Loan Discussion Introduction Page, and tell as a little bit about yourself.  Please share why you think you deserve the Student Loan Sherpa scholarship.

Next, share your Best Student Loan Advice.  Go to the student loan advice page and share your tip.  These tips will all be compiled together to help people avoid student loan mistakes.

After all the entries are collected, we will narrow it down to the top 5 most deserving people and let everyone vote.  Whoever gets the most votes, gets the scholarship money.

The most helpful person

This will go to the person who helps the student loan discussion the most.  This could be done by sharing great news articles, spreading the word about petitions and call campaigns to change student loan laws, or just answering people’s questions.

Again, this will be a decision made by a vote of the community, and the top five posters will all be eligible to win.  A running tally of the top five posters will be listed in the bottom right of all discussion pages.

Scholarship Timeline

People can apply for the scholarship from today until June 30, 2014.  At that point the voting will begin.  Winners will be announced after three weeks of voting.  We will get in contact with the winner or winners via the email address that they used to register with the site.  The winner will receive their choice of money being sent via paypal or mailed by certified check.

If anybody has questions, concerns or issues; please send us an email.