Federal Student Loans Review – The Pros and the Cons of Federal Loans

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Editor’s Note: Today’s review of federal student loans will cover all federal loans, including direct, subsidized, unsubsidized, and Graduate PLUS loans. The one type of loan not covered in this review will be Parent PLUS loans as these loans are significantly different from the other federal loans. Student loan experts and …

Opinion: It is Time for the Government to Automate Income-Driven Repayment Certification

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Each year, borrowers on income-driven student loan repayment plans are required to certify their income. In most cases, borrowers authorize the Department of Education to access their most recent tax return. This information is used to calculate monthly payments for the next year. While the income certification process is relatively …

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Scam Alert: The “Department of Education” called me about my student loans

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Today I received a robocall from “The Department of Education” regarding my student loans. The recording said that I was flagged as being eligible for certain programs including student loan consolidation and student loan forgiveness. If I was interested in learning more, I was instructed to push 1, and if …