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How to Get a Four-Year Degree with Minimal Student Debt

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With each passing year, paying for college becomes more difficult. High tuition prices have made getting a degree without debt nearly impossible. For many students, the target is to get a degree with minimal student debt. Leaving school with affordable and manageable debt levels requires careful planning. The students who …

What Happens to Undergraduate Student Loans during Grad School?

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Dealing with undergraduate student loans can be tricky during grad school. The transition from undergrad to graduate school often includes attending a new school, a break between classes, and employment changes. These adjustments can make managing student loans complicated. The good news for most grad students is that many of …

College Parents: Five Financial Tips to Get Your Student Ready for the 2020-2021 School Year

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Funding a college education has always been a source of stress inside college families. Navigating the FAFSA and tracking down the right mix of scholarships, grants, and loans can be a time-consuming endeavor. For many, the growing cost of higher education has represented a significant hardship. Adding COVID-19 and the …