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How to Get a Four-Year Degree with Minimal Student Debt

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With each passing year, paying for college becomes more difficult. High tuition prices have made getting a degree without debt nearly impossible. For many students, the target is to get a degree with minimal student debt. Leaving school with affordable and manageable debt levels requires careful planning. The students who …

How to Live with Federal Student Loans you Can’t Afford to Pay Back

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Repayment of student loans can be brutal. Interest accrues daily, servicers offer little help, and large segments of the population blame borrowers for their debt even though college has never been more important or more expensive. A growing percentage of student loan borrowers have reached the point where they realize …

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Student Loan Repayment Strategy for Private Practice Attorneys

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Repayment of student loans can be complicated for attorneys in private practice. Many face six-figure mountains of debt. Some may find high paying jobs, while others struggle. As time passes, the attorneys who experienced early success may find hardships and the ones who faced initial difficulties may find lucrative work. …