Get Personalized Help from the Student Loan Sherpa

What Happens in a Student Loan Consultation?

We will cover student loan basics such as repayment plan selection, forgiveness options, and steps necessary for enrollment. We can also dig into the details and fine print.

The discussion isn’t limited to student debt. Do you want to buy a house? How does student debt impact your retirement or tax planning?

The goal is to get your loans under control and make sure you are not missing any opportunities.

Schedule an Appointment

For a one-time fee of $199, you can get a consultation with student loan expert Michael Lux and six months of email support to address any new issues that come up.

Problems Booking an Appointment? Send me an email and we can get it squared away.

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Throughout the consultation, I finally felt like somebody was holding my hand through the complex process of dealing with student loans. And Michael’s subsequent answers to my follow-up questions were always helpful and encouraging. I wholeheartedly recommend booking a consultation with Michael for anyone struggling with student loan issues. You won’t regret it.

Lynn S., San Diego, CA

The consultation fee was money very well spent! Michael is obviously very well informed and experienced in “the field” of student loan repayment. My personal situation is very complicated, and yet I’m certain that the plan he’s helping me to develop will save me many thousands of dollars.

Tom P., Los Angeles, CA

I cannot say enough about my positive experience with my call with Michael Lux, aka the Student Loan Sherpa. I started out the call in an overwhelmed state and by the time the call was over, I felt like I had a plan and felt much more in control. He is a kind and patient listener and made sure I had all my questions answered before ending the call and even offered to follow-up with me via email. I am so glad I had the opportunity to speak with Michael directly .. it was well worth the financial investment!

Eileen M., Westfield, NJ.

Michael was exceptionally professional. His active listening skills helped me feel heard and understood in the questions I was asking. We were able to cover all of the important information that pertained to my case and by the end of the call I felt confident in the plan we decided on. Overall, I am very glad and thankful that I made the decision to schedule an appointment. I was so pleased with the outcome; I immediately called a family member to recommend they schedule with Michael as well.

Gina C., Olathe, KS

Michael Lux

The Student Loan Sherpa

A nationally recognized student loan expert, Michael Lux has provided comprehensive guidance to borrowers on repayment options and strategies since 2013.

His expertise extends to training thousands of attorneys on various subjects, including loan forgiveness programs and bankruptcy discharge policy.

Michael personally handles all student loan consultations.

Why Schedule a Loan Consultation?

There are two main reasons to get help from a student loan expert.

If you are overwhelmed by everything and don’t know where to begin, a consultation can help you make sense of your options and feel like your debt is under control.

If you’ve already gotten things figured out and want expert feedback or to ensure you are not missing any opportunities, a call can help.

Isn’t all of this infromation available for free?

Absolutely. Outside of sharing some personal experience, all of the information provided in a consultation session is publicly available.

The benefit of a consultation is that you have someone who can connect the dots for you. The goal is an hour-long phone call to save days or weeks of research and frustration.

Schedule a consultation today and get closer to student loan peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a student loan consultation include legal advice?

No. While I can help you understand student loan rules and strategies, I cannot provide legal advice. Contract rules and debt collection policies can vary from state to state, so I’m cautious not to venture into the realm of legal advice and risk offering inaccurate advice in your state.

What if more questions come up after my consultation?

All sessions include six months of priority email support. If you have a question, just reply to your confirmation email.

Do you help with applications or document preparation?

No. In most cases, the most efficient way to apply is to use an online form at I can help you determine a strategy and point you toward the necessary resources, but it will be up to you to fill out the forms.

Can my friends or family join in on the call?

Absolutely. Having your spouse or cosigner on the line is a great way to get everyone on the same page.

“I have read your site for years and always come away having learned something new.  Thank you for all you do for those of us who need a Sherpa.”

Jeff B., 2/5/24

Call Logistics

Typically, I’ll call you at the number you provide when you book, but if you’d like, we can do a video call over FaceTime or Google Meets.

When you schedule your appointment, I’ll send an optional form that can be completed beforehand. This little bit of prep before the call can make things more efficient and ensure nothing gets missed.

If you need to reschedule, please reach out as soon as possible so that we can get another date on the books.

Schedule an Appointment

For a one-time fee of $199, you can get a consultation with student loan expert Michael Lux and six months of email support to address any new issues that come up.

Problems Booking an Appointment? Send me an email and we can get it squared away.