Federal Student Loans Review – The Pros and the Cons of Federal Loans

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Editor’s Note: Today’s review of federal student loans will cover all federal loans, including direct, subsidized, unsubsidized, and Graduate PLUS loans. The one type of loan not covered in this review will be Parent PLUS loans as these loans are significantly different from the other federal loans. Student loan experts and …

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CULearn with Thrivent Review

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CU Learn, or cuLearn, bills themselves as a network of credit unions working together.  CuLearn offers undergraduate student loans, graduate student loans and student loan refinancing. Typically we separate a lender’s student loan refinancing review from their undergraduate student loan review.  However, cuLearn is a very unique option and the …

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Citizens One Review: In School Student Loans from Citizens Bank

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Editor’s Note: This page contains the review for the in school student loan from Citizens Bank.  The review for the Citizens One refinance loan for existing borrowers is a separate article. Citizens Bank has created an appealing student loan option for many undergraduate borrowers.  The interest rates are low and …

sofi compared to lendkey for student loan refinancing

SoFi vs. LendKey: Picking the Better Refinance Company

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Article Updated 8/22/20 to include the latest available interest rate information. SoFi and LendKey are both premium student loan refinancing and consolidation companies.  At present they are both ranked in the top ten in our student loan refinance rankings.  How is a borrower to pick the best lender? The LendKey …

PNC consolidation comparison

PNC Student Loan Refinance Review

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Article Updated July 3, 2019 to reflect the latest interest rate information. PNC’s decision to enter the student loan refinance world is an interesting one.  The Student Loan Refinance marketplace is currently dominated by two types of lenders.  The first group is startups specializing in student loans like SoFi or …