Parent PLUS Student Loan Tools and Tips

Parent PLUS loans have special rules and limitations, but many great resources are available to keep debt manageable.

Written By: Michael P. Lux, Esq.

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Did you know?

Parent PLUS Loans are issued to the child and not the parent.

This means that the child has no legal responsibility to repay the debt, and it only appears on the parent's credit report.

Borrower Protections

If the borrower or the child for whom the loan was borrowed dies, the debt is eligible for immediate discharge.

This protection isn't something families want to think about, but it can become really important if tragedy strikes.

Parent PLUS Loan Basics

  • Repayment of Parent PLUS loans is a bit more complicated than most other federal student loans. Our Guide to Parent PLUS Repayment covers repayment plan selection, enrollment, and much more.

Child Responsibilities

Using Parent PLUS Loans to Pay for School

Digging Deeper Into Life with Parent PLUS Loans

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