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Scam or Legit: Student Loan Refinance, Relief and Forgiveness

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Deciding whether or not a student loan service is legitimate or a scam has become increasingly difficult.  A lot of promises are being made regarding government programs, “relief” agencies, refinance companies, and loan advisors.  Some are legitimate and excellent opportunities for consumers, many others are wastes of time and money. …

First Republic Reviews student loan refinance

First Republic Student Loan Refinance Review

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here is a lot to love about First Republic.  Their student loan refinance option, called the “Eagle Gold All-In-One Loan,” has incredible interest rates. The problem is that there are a ton of requirements that borrowers have to meet.  Sadly, most student loan borrowers probably won’t be able to qualify. …

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Best Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Options for Lawyers

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During law school, student loans seem like a gift. The outrageous price tuition and pricey books seem somewhat manageable. It isn’t until after graduation that the student debt begins to take its toll. With interest rates at 6%, 8%, or even double digits, the debt really hurts. Fortunately, there are …