Ask The Student Loan Sherpa

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If you have questions about your student loans, I am happy to help.  Guiding people through their individual situations helps me stay on top of the latest issues and developments in the world of student loans.  Your questions are often the inspiration behind blog articles, and hopefully, your questions inspire posts that help out many others.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and it isn’t easy to find the time to write a thoughtful response to every question that comes my way.  In order to have the most efficient system, I’ve created three ways for you the reader to ask questions.

1. The Student Loan Forums – This method is my personal favorite.  I prefer this approach because everyone gets access to the information.  The public forum allows other borrowers to see unfiltered questions and my unfiltered response.  It allows others to ask followup questions or to contribute to the discussion.  Long term I hope that the forum grows into a community of people discussing student loan topics.  For now, it is the best place to get individualized student loan advice.

The downside to the forum approach is that not everyone is comfortable asking their student loan questions in such a public manner.  I certainly understand.  It is the reason I don’t require people to submit their questions via the forum.  However, I will make a promise for the brave souls who are willing to ask a question on the forums.  I will respond to all new questions within 48 hours.  If you have an urgent question and need a timely response, it is by far your best bet.

2. Sending an Email – The most popular choice.  You get privacy and a personal response.  When it works, this way is great, but it isn’t without its flaws.  Despite my best efforts, spam filtering often ends up eating legitimate questions.  The volume of questions also makes it hard to respond to everyone.  That being said, most emails do get replies, and hopefully helpful answers.  Occasionally, email questions are used in the Sherpa Mailbag, but names and numbers are always changed to keep things anonymous.

3. Leaving a question in the comments section of an article – I tend to keep an eye on the comments mainly to make sure that people are being civil and don’t usually say much beyond that.  However, if an article brings up a specific question, feel free to leave your question in the comments section.  It does run the risk of being buried by other comments, but like the forums, asking the question could help out others.

Regardless of how you decide to ask your question, I hope the tips and tricks that I share prove to be useful.