Four Ways to Make Sure Student Loans Don’t Affect Your Health

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Student loans are stressful in even the best of circumstances.  Even if you have a good job and manageable payments, handling your student loans is no picnic.  If you have fallen behind on your loans and don’t see a way to catch up, the stress can reach new levels.

On this site we have dedicated countless articles aimed at getting student debt under control.  Today we will focus on finding ways to make sure student loans don’t control your life.  If student loan stress is keeping you up at night or sick to your stomach, these tips might be able to help you better deal with your student debt.

Tip #1: Use Google Voice to help screen your calls.

If you have fallen behind on your student loans, collection calls can be a constant reminder of your student debt problem.  Your lender may think that calling you daily may help them get their money, but you know there just isn’t money to give them.  There is no sense in having this conversation on a daily basis.

Using Google Voice, you can create a new phone number.  Update your phone number with all your lenders to your google voice account.  Using this account you can set up a voicemail and decide whether or not you want calls forwarded to your phone.  These tools can help you avoid the pestering calls but still make sure that you don’t miss an important message.

Tip #2: Realize you can’t fix your student loans overnight

If you are staring at a mountain of student loan debt, you probably realize it isn’t going to disappear overnight.  There isn’t a quick fix or easy solution.  Addressing your student loans takes a ton of effort over a number of years.

However, if you reach the point where you are thinking about your student loans daily, and worse yet, stressing out daily, it might be time to take a new approach.  Set aside one day of the week to evaluate your budgeting and student loan bills.  Obviously it is important to keep your spending under control each day, but give yourself a break from the math and the stress until you reach the day you set aside.

Combining this tip with the first one, you can catch up on all your student loan calls using google voice on your day for addressing student loans.

Tip #3: Don’t be ashamed of your priorities

Not being able to make student loan payments can be miserable, but things could be worse.  If your money is spent putting food on the table and a roof over year head, you shouldn’t feel any shame.  More specifically, you don’t have to justify your decisions to debt collectors.  Unless you are negotiating lower payments with your lender due to a financial hardship, there is no reason to share with them what your finances look like.  Either you can afford the payment or you can’t.  Letting a debt collector stick their nose in your personal business is not going to help.  Your health must be a higher priority than your student loans.  There is no reason to be shamed into making a student loan payment at the expense of things that are much more important in life.

Tip #4: You are not alone

If you are reading this, it means you have an internet connection.  If you have an internet connection, you are seconds away from connecting with people who are in similar situations, and possibly even worse situations.  Discussing your student debt dilemmas can be both therapeutic and it can lead you to good ideas and resources.  There are numerous internet forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the subject of student loans.