Unveiling a Brand New Feature

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In honor of Labor Day, I have spent this past weekend laboring away trying to create the perfect forum for this wonderful community to exchange ideas, questions, and gripes about their student loans. As this site has grown, I’ve begun to realize a couple things:

First, I’m starting to realize that we may reach a point where I am not able to personally respond to each and every email. Even though I plan on responding to each email, and expect to be able to do so for the foreseeable future, I’d like to have measures in place to answer people’s questions even if I am away.

Secondly, I’ve noticed so many great comments to many of my articles. My goal for this site has always been to make it a place where people could go for first hand experience. While I have dealt with a vast array of student loan issues, I haven’t seen it all. I’m not a parent, and I haven’t worked with each and every lender. Between everyone here, I think we are capable of covering just about every issue.

It is with this all in mind, that I have created the Student Loan Sherpa Forums.  Hopefully these discussion forums (or Bulletin Boards if you prefer), can serve as a resource for people looking to interact with a community of people who know what it is like to be burdened with student loan debt.

The exciting thing about these forums is that they can grow and evolve according to the interests of the community.  If people seem to want do focus their discussion on consolidation, we can do that.  If people want to discuss specific lenders we can do that.  For purposes of getting started, I have divided the forums up into four separate discussion areas.

The Student Loan Discussion Boards

Student Loan Help Center – New help finding a student loan? Are you wondering if consolidation is right for you? Have questions about interest rates or student loan forgiveness? This discussion covers all topics regarding your individual student loan questions.

Student Loan Horror Stories – Screwed over by your lender? Are you looking to warn others? Is it time to vent? This is the place to discuss your student loan nightmares.

Student Loan Advocacy – Do you think the law should change? Have a petition you want others to sign? Have an idea for Congress? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on student loan reform.

General Discussion – Have something else you wish to share with the Student Loan Sherpa Community? If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it belongs here.

If you have any burning student loan questions or topics you wish to discuss, I’d encourage you to check it out and share your thoughts.  The more people that get involved, the better this will be.