Lower Payments Strategy Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

Sherpa Tip: Ask for Lower Payments Even If You Don’t Need Them

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For those attempting to aggressively eliminate their student loans, asking for lower payments may seem like a step in the wrong direction. However, getting lower payments has a huge advantage… flexibility.  That flexibility can be used to eliminate high interest debt and lead to student loan freedom sooner rather than …

retroactive pslf servicer error

Retroactive Loan Forgiveness and Fixing PSLF Rejections and Errors

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Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is perhaps the most valuable and most frustrating federal student loan program.  It is incredibly valuable because borrowers are able to get their entire federal student loan balance forgiven after just 10 years… all without any taxes.  Unfortunately, PSLF is also terribly frustrating.  Department …