Scammers try to take advantage of student loan borrowers

Free Student Loan Consolidation: What is Legit and What is a Scam?

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Sorting out student loan advertisements can be tricky for many consumers.  With Americans owning nearly $2 trillion on their student loans, many are confused and desperate for help and for good news.  This makes student loan borrowers prime targets for student debt relief scams. While the government, especially at the …

scam or legit student loan promise

Scam or Legit: Student Loan Refinance, Relief and Forgiveness

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Deciding whether or not a student loan service is legitimate or a scam has become increasingly difficult. A lot of promises are being made regarding government programs, “relief” agencies, refinance companies, and loan advisors. Some are legitimate and excellent opportunities for consumers, many others are wastes of time and money. …

scam alert department of education call

Scam Alert: The “Department of Education” called me about my student loans

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Today I received a robo call from “The Department of Education” regarding my student loans.  The recording said that I was flagged as being eligible for certain programs including student loan consolidation and student loan forgiveness.  If I was interested in learning more, I was instructed to push 1 and …

Scam Alert: Robo Calls About Trump Ending Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

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Article Updated on 1/16/18 to include reader input on this scam. We have heard from a number of people who received pre-recorded automated calls, better known as robo calls, about their student loans.  In these calls the recording says that President Trump will be ending the Public Service Student Loan …