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Couples who owe Nearly a Million: High Income but Large Debt

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The Situation: Husband and Wife both have great jobs.  Unfortunately for the couple, both spouses also have massive student debt.  Many doctors, lawyers, optometrists, dentists, and veterinarians, had to borrow a great deal of money for the required education.  In some marriages, this debt is doubled.  These high earning couples …

Student Loan Repayment and Refinance Strategy for Social Workers

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Managing your student loans as a social worker has some unique circumstances. For starters, many social workers have post-graduate education. This means more debt than many other professions. A high percentage of social workers are employed by the government or a 501(c)(3) non-profit. While this can often mean lower salaries …

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Best Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Options for Lawyers

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During law school, student loans seem like a gift. The outrageous price tuition and pricey books seem somewhat manageable. It isn’t until after graduation that the student debt begins to take its toll. With interest rates at 6%, 8%, or even double digits, the debt really hurts. Fortunately, there are …