The five most common refinance mistakes made by doctors and lawyers

Student Loan Refinance Mistakes Made By Doctors and Lawyers

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High income earners with large debts, such as doctors and lawyers, are well positioned to save a small fortune on their student loans by refinancing or consolidating.  Mistakes in the refinance or consolidation process can likewise cost a small fortune.  Navigating these high stakes requires a careful strategy free from …

Average Borrower Income, Credit Score & Loan Balance When Refinancing

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The financial records provided by student loan refinance companies to investors contain some very interesting information. Many student loan refinance lenders elect to make loans available to outside investors.  From the perspective of the borrower, the loan terms and servicing do not change, but the profits and the risk of …

Connext student loan refinance review

Connext Student Loan Refinance Review

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Connext is a very interesting student loan refinance and consolidation lender in theory, but from a consumer perspective, Connext is a somewhat disappointing option.  As a result, Connext checks in at 10th place out of 16 lenders in our Student Loan Refinance Rankings. What makes Connext interesting is that they …

EDvestinU reviews student loan refinance

EDvestinU Student Loan Refinance and Consolidaiton Review

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Article Updated 01/06/18 to reflect the latest interest rate information. EDvestinU is a funny sounding student loan refinance company that offers an excellent deal to certain student loan borrowers.  EDvestinU scores points for being a non-profit and for consumer transparency.  The short-term interest rates are not the most competitive, but …

What Costs and Fees Should I Pay for Student Loan Refinancing?

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The process of refinancing sounds complicated.  For many borrowers, just getting their student loan company to properly process a payment can be a challenge.  Moving student loans, getting lower interest rate, and finding a lender sounds significantly more difficult.  Skeptical borrowers may be concerned that there are costs and fees …