use library to attack student debt

Feeling Student Debt Pressure? Go to the Library

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Spending time at the local library won’t make your student loans disappear overnight.  However, it will help borrowers struggling with student debt in a number of different ways.  Not only is the local library free, but it is an excellent resource in eliminating student loans. The many wonderful services of …

loan origination and distribution fee basics

Student Loan Origination Fees: The Basics and Avoiding Them

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Student loan origination fees, also known as disbursement fees, are an added cost of borrowing a student loan beyond the interest paid. Typically, an origination fee is charged as a certain percentage of the loan. Origination fees have come under increased scrutiny from consumers, and while they still can be …

Send lenders email

Sherpa Tip: Talk to Your Lender by Email

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Getting student loan questions answered by many student loan lenders and servicers can be a frustrating experience. Federal servicers like myFedLoan, Navient, and Great Lakes have an especially bad reputation for customer service. Unfortunately, dealing with these companies is often a necessity. Of all the borrower complaints that we have …

Student Loans, Rent, and Retirement: How to Build Wealth and Fight Debt

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Paying off student loans is an uphill battle.  Interest rates work against you and loan servicers frustrate the process.  Making things even more complicated is the fact that we do not pay off student loans in a vacuum, life goes on during repayment.  There are other expenses, and far off …