Mailbag: Dealing with Undergrad loans while in Grad School

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Earlier this week, I received the following email from a reader: I have three unsubsidized undergraduate college loans from Sallie Mae (now Navient bc they split the company). These are private loans. The outstanding balance, combined, is about 87,000 dollars (I have been repaying them since 2007). There is a loan …


Lowering the monthly payments on your Federal Student loans

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The four main servicers of federal student loans are Navient, Nelnet, Great Lakes, and MyFedLoan.  Regardless of the company that services your loans, the approach will be exactly the same.  This is because the different alternatives that you have are guaranteed by law.  The great thing about federal loans is …

Government Statistics Analyzed: Most People are on the Wrong Repayment Plan

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This week the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, released statistics on student loan borrower habits.  The good news here is that it is nice to see the federal government showing some interest in those of us who currently owe them over a trillion dollars.  The bad news is that their figures …