how to refinance or consolidate mygreatlakes student loans

Student Loan Refinancing and Consolidation with Great Lakes (

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Great Lakes Higher Education, commonly called MyGreatLakes, is one of the largest servicers of federal student loans. Though Great Lakes does not directly provide consolidation or refinancing services, it is still possible to refinance loans with Great Lakes. The big question for borrowers to decide is whether or not this …

Fedloan servicing refinance and consolidation options

Consolidation and Refinancing with Fedloan Servicing (myfedloan)

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Fedloan Servicing, also known as myfedloan, is one of the largest servicers of federal student loans. Though Fedloan Servicing has been entrusted by the government to manage billions of dollars in student loans, they, at times, fall short of minimal quality standards expected by many borrowers and taxpayers. The challenges …

Lower Payments Strategy Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

Sherpa Tip: Ask for Lower Payments Even If You Don’t Need Them

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For those attempting to aggressively eliminate their student loans, asking for lower payments may seem like a step in the wrong direction. However, getting lower payments has a huge advantage… flexibility.  That flexibility can be used to eliminate high interest debt and lead to student loan freedom sooner rather than …