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10 Tips for Dealing with Your Lender Over the Phone

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Phone calls with lenders can be especially stressful.  For many borrowers, student loans are by far their biggest debt.  Student loan companies, including federal student loans servicers like Navient and MyFedLoan have a well deserved reputation for lousy service.  This combination of financial pain and terrible customer service can be …

Lower Payments Strategy Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

Sherpa Tip: Ask for Lower Payments Even If You Don’t Need Them

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For those attempting to aggressively eliminate their student loans, asking for lower payments may seem like a step in the wrong direction. However, getting lower payments has a huge advantage… flexibility.  That flexibility can be used to eliminate high interest debt and lead to student loan freedom sooner rather than …

Getting a Lower Interest Rate from FedLoan Servicing (MyFedLoan)

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FedLoan Servicing, often called MyFedLoan, is one of the largest servicers of federal government student loans.  In addition to being one of the biggest federal loan servicers, they have a reputation for being one of the worst.  Unfortunately, this makes getting answers to some of the most basic questions difficult. …