scam or legit student loan promise

Scam or Legit: Student Loan Refinance, Relief and Forgiveness

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Deciding whether or not a student loan service is legitimate or a scam has become increasingly difficult. A lot of promises are being made regarding government programs, “relief” agencies, refinance companies, and loan advisors. Some are legitimate and excellent opportunities for consumers, many others are wastes of time and money. …

ELFI Student loan refinance review

ELFI Student Loan Refinance Review – Education Loan Finance Consolidation

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Article Updated 4/2/20 to reflect the latest interest rate information and a new lender bonus program. In a relatively short period on the market, ELFI has proven to be one of the better student loan refinance options. ELFI’s low interest rates combined with higher than expected approval rates have led …

Darien Rowayton Bank Announces Creation of Laurel Road for Student Loans

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For years Darien Rowayton Bank as been a leading lender in the world of student loan refinancing and consolidation.  Today they unveiled a rebranding effort, advertising their student loan services under the name of “Laurel Road”. [Further Reading: Student Loan Sherpa Reviews Laurel Road] Why the Change? Darien Rowayton Bank …

MEFA Student Loan Refinancing Review

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(Editors Note: Article updated on 7/3/19 to include $200 customer bonus information and the latest available interest rates) The Massachusetts Educational Finance Authority, better known as MEFA, was created by the Massachusetts legislature over 30 years ago with the goal of providing access to higher education in the State of …

Student Loan Repayment and Refinance Strategy for Social Workers

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Managing your student loans as a social worker has some unique circumstances. For starters, many social workers have post-graduate education. This means more debt than many other professions. A high percentage of social workers are employed by the government or a 501(c)(3) non-profit. While this can often mean lower salaries …

Deciding Between SoFi, Laurel Road, LendKey, Earnest, Citizens, and CommonBond

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We often get emails from readers listing a few lenders and asking which one is best.  In our student loan rankings, we provide a template for sorting through the various companies, but it isn’t an exact science.  The reality is that the best student loan consolidation is usually the one …