SoFi vs CommonBond: The Showdown

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Article updated 7/11/20 to include the latest interest rate and new customer bonus information. Two of the top names in student loan refinancing are SoFi and CommonBond. Both lenders fall firmly into the fin-tech category of lenders. Borrowers should expect a quick and easy process compared to working with a …

aggressive repayment or retirement investment

Should I Pay Off My Student Loan with a Low Interest Rate?

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Americans owe nearly two trillion dollars in student debt. Many borrowers end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month in student loan interest alone. It is for this reason that many wisely choose to pay off their student loans aggressively. This aggressive approach is the recommended strategy …

cutting the fine print on PSLF

Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness: The Basics and the Fine Print

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Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness is a much-discussed topic, but very rarely are all the necessary details covered. Getting the government to forgive your student loan debt requires close attention to detail. Failure to meet any requirement could be a costly mistake. With news of a high rejection rate, many …