Staying Cool When Paying Off Student Loans

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Editor’s Note: In this guess post, Natalie shares her advice on making sure your student loans don’t get the best of you.

It is now a growing epidemic among college students.  Student loans used to be a rarity among those who graduated from college, but it is now the norm. Many students have to take out loans in order to pay for the soaring costs of college. These loans can even get into six figures easily for some professions. For many people, this can create an aura of panic that can affect just about every other aspect of life. If you are swimming in debt, what can you do to stay calm when paying back debt?

Stay Organized

One of the easiest ways to minimize the burden of debt is to stay organized. A lot of people feel like the best thing is just to stay with their heads buried in the sand. This can be one of the worst things you can do as the interest piles up over time. Take the time to sit down and carefully go over the exact amount that you owe every month. Figure out what exact amount you need to pay off every month and how long it will take you to pay it off in your current plan. Getting a list of your current income and expenses together is important to start off this process. And speaking of forming a budget…

Make a Budget

With any big monthly expense, you need to plan figure out what you need to keep in your budget such as rent, utilities, and food. Trying to be able to part with unnecessary expenses is crucial in order to save money for debt repayment.  It is best to write everything down and figure out things from there. This is the time to make some tough decisions about your life. Ask yourself do you really need to buy some of the things you may be purchasing everyday. A simple trick you can use to determine what can be expendable is to ask yourself whether or not you would buy something even if took the last dollar from your bank account. It may sound serious but it’s a good way to start the debt repayment process.

Stay Positive

This one should go without saying, but it is still something that a lot of people do not do. Repeating positive affirmations is important. Remind yourself everyday that you will always have your education and that it has the potential to help broaden your career choices.  The truth of the matter is that having the right attitude is what is going to keep you calm while paying down debt. It is what will keep you sane and focused no matter how much you owe.

Sometimes it can seem like student loan debt is like a huge gaping hole. It may even seem like you will never get out. The truth is that debt freedom is possible as long as you take the right steps to be responsible with student loans. Taking this time and realizing what is best for your financial future is the best thing you can do. This can literally save you thousands and even help you keep your peace of mind as you pay off debt.

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