Nun Kept from Convent because of Student Loans

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Stories about the devastating consequences of student loans have become far two common.  Today, news broke on a story that is both terribly sad and illustrative of the absurdity of student loan debt in the United States.  In fact, this story sounds like its ripped from the pages of the Onion rather than being real news.

An aspiring nun has been prevented from entering the convent because of her student loans.  Many student loan borrowers consider their student loans to be tantamount to a lifetime of poverty; Mary Beth Baker wants to take a vow of poverty, but cannot because of student loans.  Miss Baker wants to enter the convent and become a nun because “It’s a life of poverty and that’s the beauty of it. You embrace it.”

Miss Baker’s existing student loan debt prevents her from entering the convent because she won’t be able to make the payments necessary to cover the debt she ran up at Christendom College, a Catholic liberal arts school while studying philosophy.

Like many millennials in need of a large amount of cash for a seemingly good cause, she has turned to crowdfunding to cover the remainder of her student loans.

Despite her student loan setbacks, Miss Baker is still very optimistic about entering the convent.  In her words, “I’m incredibly blessed. Everyone has been very, very supportive.”