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Feeling Student Debt Pressure? Go to the Library

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Spending time at the local library won’t make your student loans disappear overnight.  However, it will help borrowers struggling with student debt in a number of different ways.  Not only is the local library free, but it is an excellent resource in eliminating student loans.

The many wonderful services of the local library include:

Help finding a Job

Most local libraries have a number of computers for internet access as well as the local paper’s classified section.  The distraction free environment is an excellent place to work on applications or to polish a cover letter.

Send a Fax

Sending out a fax may be outdated technology, but use of a fax machine can often be necessary to transmit important documents.

While a FedEx/Kinkos offers fax services, many libraries will do it at half the cost.

Hours of Entertainment

Libraries have more than just books.  In addition to being able to read the latest literature, many libraries have massive film and cd collections.

Children’s Programming

Many libraries have excellent programs for children’s entertainment and education.  These events are free of charge and encourage children to be life-long readers.

Learn a New Skill

Whether you want to learn a new language or take up knitting, the library will have plenty of resources to educate yourself.  These new skills can be low cost hobbies, lead to exciting new jobs, or become additional sources of income.

How do these library services help with student loans?

The financial implications of getting a new job or learning a new skill for a second source of income should be obvious.  But the library does far more than provide opportunities for additional income.

Instead of going to the movies, stop by the library to pick out a movie to watch at home.  Each trip to the library instead of the movies means extra money to pay down student loans.  These saved trips can quickly add up into a big dent in your student loans.

If you are spending a ton of money eating out, consider borrowing a few cookbooks from the library.  Save some money cooking at home and use it as an opportunity to try to improve your physical and financial health.

Bottom Line

Local libraries have the resources to help student loan borrowers increase their income and decrease their monthly expenses.  This double whammy can make a real difference in student debt management.

As a taxpayer, you already pay to fund the library, why not take advantage of the available services?

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