Earn More, Spend Less: Volume 7

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Today I’d like to give a shout out to the fine people at my local Subway.  I eat there every other day and the treatment I get is fantastic.  My co-workers joke that I eat more Subway than Jared.

Each day I visit, I get a $5 footlong and a free cookie.  (I get the free cookie by completing a survey about my most recent visit).  They wrap my subs separately so that I can put half in the fridge at the office.  My lunch system may not be glamorous, but each week I eat for less than $15.  I also get food that is fairly healthy and freshly made.

I’ve never been a regular at any restaurant before, but I have come to enjoy my new status.  It has its perks and I like having a frugal and healthy routine.

Now for the best tips from the web on earning more money and spending less…


Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes Are You Buying Assets or Toys? – Wealthy people buy assets. Poor people buy toys. Buying assets will grow your net worth and allow you to reach financial independence.

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes 8 Steps to Creating A Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio – How to create a diversified asset classes portfolio. Part 2 of what is Best Investing Method Series. Understand diversified asset classes investing with indexes.

Buck @ Buck Inspire writes What Does It Cost to Run a Startup? – Starting your own business in the US is not getting any cheaper. But we are not the most expensive place to run a startup. With everyone going mobile, would it make more economic sense to run your business from another country?

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Find out which of the 4 Money Mindsets You Have – Even though 90% of Americans have some type of personal finance planning, very few have a truly clear, well-rounded approach to reaching their financial goals.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes Why you should Avoid These New Car Features – Every year and with every new model, automakers from Kia to Toyota try their best at creating new and innovative features that they can put into the cockpit of their new automobiles.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes How to (possibly) cut your Cellphone Bill in Half – In most cases if you have a contract with one of the top 4 cellular carriers, as well as a data plan and one of the newest smartphones, you’re probably paying over $100 a month for your services and, in many cases, closer to $150.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Guard Your Retirement Income with these Comprehensive Tips – One sad fact that all people nearing or already in retirement have to deal with today is that income during retirement is lower than it has ever been in the last 60 years.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Home Renovations that can actually Lower your Home’s Value – If there is one thing that financial advisors tell their customers on a regular basis, it is that home renovations can increase the value of their home and help them to get more money when it is time to sell. But this may not be true.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes The Top 5 Biggest Home buying Mistakes 1st Time Buyers Make – When they bought their first home in North Dakota in 2004, Shane Ede and his new wife were completely unprepared financially. However, since they did not have an experienced mortgage professional helping them and there was no prequalification process necessary in order to purchase, the Edes were able to buy a nice little 3 bedroom home.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes Hanging Out with Friends: Do it on a Budget – I like going for drinks with friends. There, I said it. I tend to work 15 hours a day, and want to spend time unwinding with people I care about after work. I also happen to do that a few times a week.

John @ Frugal Rules writes Frugal Birthday Parties for Kids – It can be quite easy to throw a birthday party for your child and overspend. However, with a little creativity and planning you can throw them a frugal birthday party and still have one they’ll enjoy and remember.

Pauline @ Make Money Your Way writes Side hustle series: How I Make Money Entering Giveaways – This post will show you about the pros and cons on how to make money entering giveaways.


Monica @ Monica On Money writes Feeling Stressed? 22 Halloween Deals for Only $1 – Do not spend more than $1 for these Halloween decorations! If you are planning on throwing a Halloween Party or taking your kids trick-or-treating. check out these Halloween Deals for only $1.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Find a Cheap Hobby and Enjoy Life More – Having a great hobby doesn’t always mean spending money, here are some cheap but fun things to do on your free time.

Justin @ Root of Good @ Root of Good writes Auto Costs on the Cheap – Justin at Root of Good reveals helpful hints that allow his family to keep auto costs very low. Justin walks his kids to school instead of driving them, and does simple maintenance tasks himself.

Nick @ Modest Money writes How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation – For those not familiar with the term “lifestyle inflation”, it simply means that human beings have a tendency to increase their expenses when their income increases. I think that some sort of lifestyle inflation is to be expected and deserved when climbing the income ladder; the key is in making sure it doesn’t keep pace with your income growth.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes Devil’s Advocate: Buy a New Car, Not a Used One – Conventional wisdom says buying a used car is the better financial move, but I disagree. Here’s why.