Earn More, Spend Less: Volume 4

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This week one the subject of saving money, I had a huge success.  In the process of renewing my lease for the upcoming year, I was able to negotiate a lower rent of $100 per month!!

Saving $1,200 was surprisingly easy.  I noticed that more houses than usual seemed to have for rent signs in my neighborhood.  In my proposal, I said that due to current market conditions, the lower rent seemed like a more fair price.  The owner agreed and we got the lower rent.  I think part of the reason this was agreed upon is that we have been great tenants.  Most minor issues that I can fix, I fix myself, and we are never late on rent.  I’m sure from there perspective there was real value in keeping us around for another year.  I also think our agreed upon rent price was very fair.

I know that often you hear about rent going up for people after the first lease, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Landlords may realize that you don’t want to move and try and take advantage of that, but as a tenant it is important to realize that they don’t want you to leave either.  Replacing a tenant, especially a good one, is not easy.

On to Earn More, Spend Less for the week…

This week rather than grading most of the submissions, I’ve decided instead to just leave the best of the best.  I don’t know if this will be a permanent change, so I would love to see your input.  Would it be more helpful to see reviews on a wide range of topics, or would you just like to read the top articles I have?


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  • betsymuse

    Great job getting a reduction in rent! That is fantastic. I know my daughter won’t be so lucky since she’s in a college town and her apartment complex is walking distance to campus and never has vacancies, but they did lock in their rate for two years by committing early and the rent is already $100 more per month for her size unit and is due to go up again in February.

    Betsy @ ConsumerFu.com

    • That does bring back some memories. It does seem like college landlords are among the most difficult to deal with. I certainly understand that college students may be difficult tenants, but some of the things the landlords do is quite absurd. I hope things go well for you and your daughter!

  • Untemplater

    Nice job negotiating lower rent, that’s sweet! Rent prices are really starting to climb in my area, but it never hurts to try and get a better price.

    • Exactly. I figured I had nothing to lose, so it was worth a try. Lucky for me, it worked out.

  • I always try to negotiate a lower rent but I have to deal with a large property manager so I think it’s harder to get a reduction as opposed to dealing with a landlord. I usually get maybe $15 dollars off a month. This year…they gave me a $2 reduction! So I saved $24 for the year.

    • Haha. At least your price didn’t go up! I know that is a common one, especially with many of the large property managers.

    • Oh sorry, I didn’t explain it correctly. My rent went up…but I got $2.00 off what the rent renewal rate they gave me was!

  • Negotiating a rent reduction in most areas where rent is rising is huge. Worse thing they could’ve told you was no.

  • squirrelers

    Great example of how paying attention to market conditions, as well as simply having the confidence to ask, can result in spending less money. That’s a pretty good amount of money to save just by being proactive.

    • I think that luck played a little part in the whole thing, but the only way to get lucky is to put yourself in the right situation.

  • We have negotiated rent. They were willing to do it as long as we signed a longer term lease.