Earn More, Spend Less: Volume 2

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This week I learned a valuable lesson.  You can get a whole lot if you just ask.  When I paid my credit card bill this month I inadvertently, selected my old bank account from the drop down menu.  My mental lapse cost $25.  On a whim I gave my credit card company a call.  I explained what happened and they removed my old bank account so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake AND they credited my account the $25.  I’m a happy customer.

This week we have got some great information on money management.  Like last week, I will review each article and rate it according to the following scale:

5 Stars – Amazing Writing!  This rating will be reserved for the articles that are truly impressive and an absolute must read.

4 Stars – Great Insight.  If someone offers an idea or analysis that is truly helpful and worth passing on it will get four stars.  Entertainment value and creativity can push a 3 start article up to the 4 star range.

3 Stars – Good Stuff.  These articles may not be particularly ground breaking, but they have solid information and may cover a subject of some value.

0, 1, or 2 Stars – The Rest.  I’m not going to waste your time with this stuff.  If I don’t think an article will help you earn more money or spend less, I will not put it here.

If you have written an article that will help people earn more money or spend less, submit it here.


Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes When in Doubt…Go Back to School? – Remember when you thought you would get a job right out of school? Then remember how hard it was to actually find a job post-grad? Well moving to a new city is no different, and since I have a lot of free time on my hands job-hunting I’ve been thinking about going back to school.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Thinking about going back to school?  This article has a good discussion on the pros and cons about a return to school.  3 STARS

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Would Taking on a Second Job Suit You? – Many people have at some time in their life considered a second job, but would a second job suit you?

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  If you are on the fence about getting a second job this article is for you.  It covers the many things you need to consider when you are making this decision.  4 STARS

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes What I’m Doing to Prepare for Self-Employment – A couple of months ago, I published a post on Making Sense of Cents about How To Prepare for Self-Employment. I am planning on making the switch relatively soon, and I wanted to publish an update to that post.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Here is some decent advice is if are wondering what you should be thinking about when it comes to self-employment.  Nothing special here, but perhaps I’m just jealous.  3 STARS

Robert @ Cult Of Money writes 8 (Passive & Active) Ways to Diversify Your Income Stream – I thought it would be fun to think about all the ways there are to earn extra money outside of a traditional day job. Here’s my list of four active income sources and four passive income sources to help you better diversify your income stream.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  This article could be called side jobs 101.  As kids we could set up a lemonade stand or deliver newspapers, but these day we have a few more extra options.  3.5 STARS

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes The Peer-to-Peer Lending Numbers They Don’t Want You to See – I see a lot of glowing reviews of peer-to-peer lending extolling the high short-term returns earned by the people singing its virtues. These reported returns have always seemed a little fishy to me, so I decided to dig a little deeper. Today, I want to share some of the results I found that the peer-to-peer lending marketers hope you never see.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Here is some top of the line information from a blogger I have really grown to enjoy.  If the idea of peer-to-peer lending (such as lending tree or prosper) has even crossed your mind, this is a must read.  Matt’s arguments a fair, well thought out, and well articulated.  4.5 STARS

Grayson @ Debt Roundup writes How You Can Get Rich Quick – The Truth Of Making Fast Cash – So, you want to know how to get rich quick? Doesn’t everyone! I wanted to write this to show you how you can get rich quick and live the life you have always wanted. You might love those late night infomercials telling you that if you buy their book or course, they will show you how to make so much money that it will be mind boggling. The only problem is that those people are the only ones getting rich quick. I am going to show you the real truth about making money fast.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Here is an article that is a much needed slap in the face for many of us.  The allure of the easy dollars hides the harsh reality.  There is no easy way to get rich.  4 STARS


Adam @ Money Rebound writes Could You Afford to Retire Early? – Taking early retirement is a dream for many people in full time work. So can you afford to retire early or will it remain just that, a dream?

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Do you dream of spending your mid-30s on a beach?  If you plan on getting there, you might want to familiarize yourself with the concepts presented in this article.  3 STARS

Jack @ Enwealthen writes The Great TV Conspiracy (or How To Earn $80 A Month Forever By Cord Cutting) – My experiences switching from satellite TV to streaming video and over the air broadcasts, and how much money you can save doing so.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Here is yet another version of the ever popular save money by cutting cable.  In Jack’s defense, I wrote a very similar article when I first started my blog.  I will also give him credit for one other thing… it is well written.  4 STARS

Daniel @ SweatingTheBigStuff.com writes When You Should Pay Bills Manually – I have automated just about everything, but there are a few times I still pay bills manually. There are only two reasons not to automate bills.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Excellent advice on the virtues of paying bills manually instead of setting up the auto-debt.  I know Comcast taught me this lesson the hard way.  3.5 STARS

Richard Adams @ Frugality Magazine writes Ways To Save Water At Home And Reduce Your Bills By $184 – According to the EPA the average American uses 100 gallons of water per day at home. However by understanding all the various ways to save water it’s possible to reduce your household water bill by approximately 30% – while helping the environment too.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  This article was an education.  I had no idea how many different ways there were to save water, and I know way more about toilets than I ever though possible.  4 STARS

Joshua Rodriguez @ http://cnafinance.com writes How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online – In this post, Joshua discusses ways that consumers can protect themselves from identity thieves online. Learn 4 simple ways to protect your information!

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  This is probably a pretty important read for most people.  If you are struggling to get by from paycheck to paycheck, the last thing you want to have to deal with is an identity thief.  3.5 STARS

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes Avoid McDonald’s $2 Egg – There are a lot of Americans who can’t afford a $1000 expense. Maybe a little creative thinking on some routine purchases would be a significant difference for these people. It all starts with being mindful about the spending… even on the little things like a $3 breakfast.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Fast food menus have some good deals and they have some ripoffs.  The lazy man has some tips on making sure you get a good deal next time you get breakfast.  3.5 STARS

Jacob @ Cash Cow Couple writes How to Lower Your Electric Bill to Zero – Tired of $300 electric bills? Come check out our advice on how to lower your electric bill to under $50 per month.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  This is tough advice to hear during the summer months, but Jacob has some good tips for getting that electric bill a bit lower.  3 STARS

Nick @ A Young Pro writes Which Budgeting System is Right for You – Do you hate the “B” word? I used to hate budgeting too and I learned to use a budgeting system. Now my budget is a breeze.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Do you keep a budget?  You should be.  If you have any desire to save money, budgeting is a must.  Nick breaks down some of the alternatives for budget management.  4 STARS

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Fashionable and Frugal – How to Save Money on Clothes – Shopping for clothes, especially for a growing family can be a costly endeavor. However, if you know what you’re doing you can be frugal and still get some great deals for the family and look good at the same time.

The Student Loan Sherpa Review –  Are you wondering how to save a few bucks when it is time to update the wardrobe?  These seem like some decent tricks to save some cash.  3 STARS