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Couples who owe Nearly a Million: High Income but Large Debt

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The Situation: Husband and Wife both have great jobs.  Unfortunately for the couple, both spouses also have massive student debt.  Many doctors, lawyers, optometrists, dentists, and veterinarians, had to borrow a great deal of money for the required education.  In some marriages, this debt is doubled.  These high earning couples …

Student Loan Planning for Doctors: Managing Consolidation, PSLF, and Getting a Mortgage

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Student loan planning can be a tricky subject.  In addition to figuring out repayment plans that work and trying to consolidate to get lower interest rates, this planning necessarily impacts your taxes, retirement and ability to buy a home.  Understanding how these concepts come together is critical to smart planning.  …

Student Loan Plan: Consolidation Tips For Federal Student Loans

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In this edition of the Student Loan Plan, we take a look at Tim’s options when it comes to consolidating his federal student loans.  If you have questions about your student loans, feel free to get your question answered by the Sherpa. Tim writes: Hello Mr. Lux, Ive been going …