Student Loan Forgiveness: Policy Concerns & Unintended Consequences

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Student loan forgiveness programs like Income-Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness are very popular with borrowers. These programs provide an excellent lifeline to borrowers in need. However, the unintended consequences of student loan forgiveness present major concerns from a policy standpoint. This article will focus on the concerns of …

Is it a Mistake to Refinance Student Loans During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Covid-19 has had a profound impact on many aspects of our lives. Managing student loans is no exception. The fast-changing economic conditions have had a significant influence on the student loan refinance process. Due to these changes, many borrowers may want to delay refinancing their student loans, as it could …

Trump Freezes Student Loan Interest: The Details We Know So Far

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On Friday, March 13, President Trump announced that he was pausing student loan interest “until further notice” to help support a slumping economy. At this point, many of the details are still being worked out. The Department of Education is awaiting instructions from the White House while the nine federal …

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The College Affordability Act is a Game Changer, Especially for Parents

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This week the House Democrats introduced the College Affordability Act of 2019. The news may have gotten buried beneath the many other headlines out of Washington, but the significance of the College Affordability Act should not be overlooked. Even if the bill does not get through Congress, it is a …

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Student Loan News Archive 2013

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The fundamental goal of the Student Loan Sherpa is to be a resource for student loan borrowers. That means providing up to date insight and guidance as the rules change and evolve. It also means reporting the latest news and developments in the world of student loans. Things get tricky …