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In Depth: CommonBond Student Loan Refinance Review ( Refinancing)

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This CommonBond student loan refinance review was last updated on 5/15/21 to include the latest interest rate information and a $150 borrower bonus and a 0% introductory interest rate promotion. CommonBond has one of the better reputations of the many student loan refinance companies. Over the years, we have seen approval …

Starting the Clock on PSLF for Current Students and Recent Grads

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Generally speaking, the earliest the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) clock can start is six months after graduation. This puts recent grads, graduate students, and those working full-time during school at a significant disadvantage. Working for the government or another PSLF eligible job alone is not enough. Borrowers must be …

Student Loan Forgiveness for Government Contractors

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I’ve heard from several government contractors who were disappointed with their progress towards student loan forgiveness. Working as a government contractor doesn’t mean it is impossible to qualify for student loan forgiveness. However, it does make things more difficult. Today we will cover the eligibility rules as they apply to …