Student Loan Forgiveness: Policy Concerns & Unintended Consequences

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Student loan forgiveness programs like Income-Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness are very popular with borrowers. These programs provide an excellent lifeline to borrowers in need. However, the unintended consequences of student loan forgiveness present major concerns from a policy standpoint. This article will focus on the concerns of …

Earnest vs. CommonBond Student Loan Refinance Comparison

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When comparing Earnest vs. CommonBond, most borrowers will find that these refinance companies have far more similarities than differences. However, a couple of factors could make choosing between these two companies an easy decision. Earnest vs. CommonBond: Interest Rates, Repayment Options, and the Basics In the world of student loan …

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How to Convert Private Student Loans into a Federal Student Loan

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Federal student loans have the best repayment plans and options for student loan forgiveness. As a result, converting private student loans into federal loans can be a really smart idea. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple procedure or mechanism to turn private loans into federal loans. Borrowers that wish to turn …

consequences of student debt on mortgage applications

6 Ways to Fix Student Loan Debt on Mortgage Applications & Buy a Home

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Student loan borrowers can buy a house, but student debt can make qualifying for a mortgage difficult. Student loans affect a mortgage applicant’s debt-to-income ratio and credit score. Mortgage underwriters have historically been hard on income-driven borrowers, but things are getting better. Student loan refinancing and other strategies may minimize …