Answering Your Student Loan Questions

Michael Lux Blog, Misc., Student Loans 8 Comments

When this site was first created, I answered, or tried to answer, every email that I received with a student loan question.  Why answer all these questions for free?  Not only is it satisfying to be able to help someone out, but its helpful to know about the topics that people are most concerned with.

As the site and the number of visitors has grown, it has become more difficult to answer everybody’s student loan questions.  Even though it is more challenging to help out a larger audience, it is a challenge I gladly accept.

In order to help the most people possible, I have created a section of this website called, The Sherpa Forums.  In this section, visitors will be able to post their student loan questions, and see answers to other people’s questions.  It is also an opportunity for an exchange of ideas, and perhaps an occasional debate.

A key section of the forums will be The Student Loan Help Center.  If you have any questions at all, please post them here.  As the webmaster, I’ll receive an email each time a question is asked, and I’ll also be the one who makes sure that people stay on topic, helpful, and polite.  By doing this, my goal is to call upon the collective experience and wisdom of the many people who visit the website.

If you have a student loan question, odds are that many people share the same question, taking the time to post a question not only will get you an answer, but it could help out others just like you.

Often the hardest part to solving your student loan issues is taking that first step.  Asking that first question, or getting that little suggestion you have been missing could be that first step to getting your loans under control.  What are you waiting for?