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Death and Student Loans: One Family’s Story

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When confronting our own mortality, student loans are given little, if any, consideration.  However, the very public dispute between the family of a deceased Duke Law student and Sallie Mae shows exactly what can happen. Most people would assume that when you die, your student loans are wiped off the …


Meet Jess: Learn how a state school can cost over $400,000.00

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Jess and I have exchanged many emails regarding her issues with Sallie Mae.  She told me that she reached such a point of desperation, that she actually sent a letter to her Congressman pleading for help.  Much to my surprise, her Congressman actually helped!  He sent a letter to Sallie …


Meet Colleen: Learn the Cost of 7.25% Interest and Putting Children First

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Our first Profile in Student Loans is Colleen. Colleen works full time as a social worker. On nearly a daily basis Colleen enters strange and possibly dangerous situations to help the most vulnerable of her community. It is a thankless job, but children in difficult situations need an advocate and …