Preying Upon Veterans: A For-Profit Scam

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Memorial Day weekend seems like a fitting time to shed some light on a disgusting trend.  For-Profit schools have been targeting Veterans for their GI Bill benefits, charging them 4x what a not-for-profit university would, and often they don’t leave with a degree or get any meaningful help finding work. …


Internet “experts” and a Commitment to Quality

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One of my big pet peeves with people who hold themselves out as “experts” is that they have never faced any of the problems in which they offer advice. I’ve been there. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Sallie Mae beyond the point of frustration. I’ve wondered how I’m …


10 Things Every College Student Should Know About Student Loans

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1) For many borrowers, the amount of student loan debt they have is enough to buy a house.  Think about the time, effort, and research you would put into buying a house.  You should put the same or similar effort into understanding student loans because the stakes are similar. 2) Your …